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Accelerate software delivery to restricted cloud regions with low to high development

Software written for the commercial, unclassified clouds will not work in the classified cloud regions.  Combine overcomes this problem by providing a sandbox environment that emulates the classified, air-gapped cloud regions. 

Combine’s dashboard proactively reports code violations which would prevent your solutions from working in classified cloud regions and recommends solutions to ensure your software deploys successfully.

Combine speeds delivery time by overcoming technical barriers, Government policies and workforce limitations with the classified clouds.






Classified cloud regions (C2S, SC2S, Azure Secret / Top Secret, and Oracle ONSR) have technical differences not found in unclassified clouds. Most software does not run in the classified cloud due to these differences.





Each agency/branch of the Government have different rules and processes governing their classified cloud regions. This makes it challenging to build products that work across all agencies.  It also takes time to secure sponsorship to deploy to a classified cloud and there is little you can do to prepare solutions in an unclassified cloud before deploying





Many cleared engineers are new to cloud technologies and existing commercial cloud experts lack National Security clearances or citizenship to work in classified cloud regions. There is also an increasing decline in the number of cleared software developers/engineers due to various economic and social factors.


Combine bridges the technical gaps between cloud regions, accounts for organizational differences, and provides access to a broader workforce with the skills needed to deliver modern cloud engineering.

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Migration / DevOps

Combine is a software layer inside a commercial cloud  that emulates any classified cloud region.  This enables software professionals to work on the low side and when ready, migrate the code to the high side. Our customers have used Combine as a sandbox to test their solutions before going to the SCIF.  

Combine’s error reporting  dashboard points reduces the time it takes to discover bad service calls or endpoints saving time debugging when installing the software on the high side. 



Combine’s service parity between the classified and unclassified cloud saves developers time digging through documentation to find differences such as:

  • Authentication / Authorization
  • Service Parity
  • Air Gapped Networking
  • Cloud Service Endpoints

We continually work with the classified cloud providers to keep Combine up-to-date on the technical differences in each cloud region.


Unclassified / Cloud

Combine is a DevOps environment / sandbox that is deployed in commercial or US Government cloud regions. Thus it is fully unclassified and accessible to all staff.  This enables teams to collaborate outside of the SCIF.


Experienced Support

Combine engineers not only developed Combine, but we also work in the Combine environment for our own projects.  We are continually updating Combine to solve problems we experience in the classified clouds.  We have a  team of DevOps engineers with extensive experience migrating software to classified cloud regions to provide ongoing support to our customers. .

Why Sequoia Combine?

Sequoia Combine accelerates migration to classified cloud regions

There are two major use cases for Sequoia Combine: 

(1) Migrating commercial software solutions to classified cloud regions

(2) Developing in commercial cloud and delivering to classified cloud (low to high devleopment) for National Security customers.



Combine helps you solve migration problems before they happen on the customer site



Combine enables you to leverage your entire staff (including non-US Citizens) to solve migration problems



Combine gives you access to cleared software engineers with extensive experience supporting the National Security Security


Proven Results

Combine has successfully migrated over 80 solutions for 60+ difference clients


Low to High DevOps

Combine enables a development paradigm where a solution is developed on the low side in Combine and transferred to the high side for customer deployment via a DevOps pipeline.


Cost Savings

Combine enables a development team to find problems, early, utilize skilled but uncleared workforce, and control their DevOps workflow driving down costs.


Professional Services Support

If desired, Sequoia can augment your development team with cleared professional services resources to fill staffing gaps or facilitate deployments.

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Combine Oracle

Leading emulation platform for Oracle ONSR regions. Can be hosted in Oracle Commercial.

Fully emulates Oracle ONSR Regions via:

  • Air Gapped Network configuration
  • Oracle ONSR Web Service Endpoints
  • Service Parity emulation
  • Dashboard that proactively reports migration issues
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Combine AWS

Leading emulation platform for AWS C2S and AWS SC2S. Can be hosted in AWS Commercial or AWS GovCloud

Fully emulates AWS C2S and AWS SC2S via:

  • Authentication and Authorization emulation
    (CAP and SCAP API and business workflow)
  • Air Gapped Network configuration
  • C2S / SC2S AWS Web Service Endpoints
  • Service Parity emulation
  • Dashboard that proactively reports migration issues
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Leading emulation platform for Azure Secret and Top Secret.  Can be hosted in Azure Commercial.

Fully emulates Azure Secret via:

  • Air Gapped Network configuration
  • Azure Secret Web Service Endpoints
  • Service Parity and API Version emulation
  • Dashboard that proactively reports migration issues

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