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Sequoia has a cadre of fully cleared software engineers, testers, and analysts working on multiple contracts for government customers.  95% of our workforce have Secret or TS/SCI clearances.  Our recruiters find the best talent with Secret and Top Secret clearances and our benefits create incentives for these talented people to stay with us.


Cloud Engineering
and Migration

Sequoia supported the earliest days of cloud adoption in the National Security sector.  We have continued to engineer new cloud solutions and migrate legacy applications to both the unclassified and classified cloud regions. Our experience in migrating to the classified cloud led to the developed of our classified cloud emulator, Combine.  



Sequoia engineers have very broad experience in all aspects of application development. From complex back end processing to rich and engaging front end designs, Combining technical prowess with a commitment to modern agile design and development principles, Sequoia is a trusted provider of application development services. We work with the customer to define requirements and translate those requirements into a working application.

Given our experience with the ATO process, we provide offer support to companies needing to obtain an Authority to Operate.



Sequoia embraces the modern DevSecOps philosophies.  Whether it be Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), automated testing, Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), and/or security automation, we have experienced personnel.



Sequoia’s Team is diverse and curious and as a result, we are constantly pushing into new technology areas to bring the best solutions to our customers. Sometimes this results in commercial viable products such as Sequoia Combine and Sequoia’s Blockchain project, other times it just improves the skill and depth of our engineers. But in either case, Sequoia is a consistent advocate for bringing the latest technology to bear on our customer’s problem sets.

Big Data

Sequoia supports multiple projects involving big data.  Whether we are supporting petabytes of data or building data lakes, we bring the knowledge on how to architect and analyze complex data sets.  

Cloud Migration
with Sequoia Combine

Based on Sequoia’s experience in the classified cloud regions, we built  a thriving “low to high” cloud migration practice leveraging our innovate product: Sequoia Combine.

Combine has enabled over 100 customers to customers migrate their software solutions from commercial clouds to classified cloud regions.

Sequoia Combine has support for AWS (C2S and SC2S regions), Azure (Secret and Top Secret regions), and Oracle ONSR regions!

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