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What We Do

Cloud Engineering & Transformation

Sequoia has established itself as a leader and trusted advisor in assisting the national security sector with strategy, architecture, migration and development solutions in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Sequoia AWS past performance examples includes: legacy application transition/migration, new application development, system architecture and design and managed services (DevOps). By productizing our past performance and expertise via Sequoia Combine, we also offer a true cost-efficient cloud transformation solution for products bound for the AWS Intelligence Community Marketplace (ICMP). Sequoia is a recognized AWS Public Sector consulting and reseller partner.

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Big Data Solutions

Sequoia is playing a key role in the design and implementation of a big-data “hub” solution based upon the Cloudera software stack. This system will be the primary focal point for our customer’s ingest, storage and analytic solution, supporting both batch and near-real-time use cases for applications and ad hoc data science. Technologies include HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System), Hive (Hadoop Data Warehouse), Flume (high-volume ingest), Neo4J (graph database) Kafka (distributed message queue) and Spark (cluster computing framework). Sequoia is a recognized Cloudera consulting partner.

Data Science & Analytics

Sequoia’s Data Scientists work beside policy makers and program management to design and implement the necessary models, algorithms and visualization to help organizations distill insights from very large disparate data sources. For example, Sequoia worked with a team of data scientists to architect a solution using Apache Spark to evaluate clustering algorithms over several time series datasets. Sequoia personnel also applied novel graph visualization techniques to help evaluate results set and assisted in developing a custom application using Java, the Scala programming language and Hadoop HDFS.

Mission Enablement

Sequoia personnel conduct technical operations in austere environments, leading war on terror efforts with technical experts working side-by-side with war fighters, creating strong liaison relationships to rebuild national infrastructure and enabling autonomous governance by host country leaders. Sequoia personnel currently deliver expert operational risk assessments of forward deployed technologies in mission critical arenas, guaranteeing officer awareness of the vulnerabilities that may be inherent in and/or jeopardize their personal safety or operation(s).

Blockchain Development

The application of decentralized “distributed digital ledger” technology and dApps (aka Decentralized Apps) have the ability to disrupt business processing through the use of smart contracts and asset ownership. Sequoia is taking a leading role in developing new smart contract based dApps solutions with a focus on improving IT architecture, big data and artificial intelligence for our federal and commercial customers. In addition to consulting work, Sequoia is also active in internal blockchain projects through seed development and joint venture investments.


Focus Areas

Our vision is to become the leading provider of technological innovation and leadership across analytic, enterprise and cyber security initiatives for our US Government and Commercial Clients.

  • Intelligence
  • AWS Solutions
  • Homeland Security
  • Emerging Tech
  • Civilian & Justice
  • Blockchain Development


We provide high end IT and engineering services centered on improving the analytic, collection, collaboration and sharing of data that exceed mission requirements and value.

  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cyber
  • Mission
  • BD
  • Healthcare
  • Mobile Dev


For a systems development process to be effective, it must be tailored to the unique requirements. We have an intense focus on quality to ensure delivery and maintainability.

  • C2S Combine
  • Software Dev
  • Systems Engineering
  • SA
  • IT
  • PM