SAS Product Delivery

Palo Alto Networks (then Evident IO) approached Sequoia with a challenge. Their cloud optimization SaaS tool which used AWS APIs across multiple accounts, required integration with the Government’s proprietary authentication/authorization API CAP. They formed a 6-person Tiger Team and integrated their solution into Combine over a course of five months, collaborating with Sequoia staff to confirm functionality. Using Combine’s dashboard, Paloalto was able to identify errors in their code which would prevent the solution from working in the classified cloud.  Once they fixed the errors, Paloalto engineers deployed the solution to the cloud and it was functional on day one.

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Combine Engineering Services

CloudBees wanted to stand up an OpenShift Cluster (mapping to C2S standards) on the classified cloud.  They used Combine to finalize customer testing of their containerized enterprise solution  They used Sequoia engineers to build their required solution and complete required C2S software testing under a tight deadline.

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