Cost Savings

Digital Globe won a contract with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and needed to hire 25 software developers to complete the project.  By using Combine, they were able to hire 20 uncleared developers who worked outside of the SCIF.  The hired 5 developers with TS clearances to be able to transfer the code written in Combine to the classified cloud and to access any classified information. They were able to save approximately 20% on software developer salaries by using uncleared developers plus they were able to hire from a larger pool of qualified candidates.


Recent Stories

Deploying Products to C2S with Ease

“We attempted to build C2S support into our products by engineering the support with the help of design specifications and then deploying within live C2S environments however, after realizing that our lack of C2S familiarity was resulting in products with C2S connection issues, we felt that our issues were causing brand damage with our long

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Combine Engineering Services

CloudBees wanted to stand up an OpenShift Cluster (mapping to C2S standards) on the classified cloud.  They used Combine to finalize customer testing of their containerized enterprise solution  They used Sequoia engineers to build their required solution and complete required C2S software testing under a tight deadline.

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