A Company To Grow With
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Life At Sequoia

We’re a team of passionate, dedicated individuals who love collaborating to build exceptional software products and solutions.

Today’s technologist are looking for a company that will share ownership, make necessary commitments and investments for growth, success and well-being and reward based on merit and results.  These are the core principals and philosophies of the culture at Sequoia.  Developing innovative solutions and investing in passionate technologists is our core mission, and we’re just getting started!

Disrupting the Status Quo

Disrupting The Status Quo

We have an uncompromising commitment to providing our customers with the most innovative technical products and services, while meeting the highest level of ethic standards and performance in our jobs.

Technical Leadership

Sequoia’s technical leadership team is a diverse yet complementary organization of industry professionals driven by entrepreneurial creativity and focused on client relationships, service and satisfaction.


Our Culture

Our Culture

Employee Owned and Proud

Because our employees are also the owners of Sequoia, working here is more than just a job.  Our employees have a real stake in the company’s growth and success and play a vital role in helping shape our technical and corporate future. Every Sequoia employee is a hands on contributor, with a voice to be heard.

Collaboration, Innovation and Mentorship

To provide the most innovative solutions for our clients, we have to produce the most innovative workforce. Sequoia is committed to the necessary investments for our employees through training, mentoring and personal development practices.

Phenomenal Compensation and Benefits

Sequoia offers a comprehensive benefits package to help our employees manage their health and well being for today and into the future. Our suite of competitive benefits is design to help our staff achieve a productive balance between work and life outside the office. Compensation and benefits at Sequoia are extraordinary and provides flexibility and options to create a customizable package that fits your specific needs and goals. You can check out our fantastic benefits and challenging career opportunities over at our careers page.

What it means to our employees to be part of Sequoia

“Not only are the benefits outstanding and employee focused, you really get a sense of quality and employee ownership the minute you join the team. Above all Sequoia makes you feel at home instantly!”

“I wanted to join a company that put their people first and really meant it, which is why I was immediately drawn towards Sequoia.”