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Sequoia Combine

About Sequoia Combine

Sequoia Combine is an infrastructure automation tool that is used to provision, maintain and manage AWS resources bound for secure "air-gapped" operational AWS Regions, such as GovCloud and C2S. C2S is a unique stand alone AWS environment built for the US Intelligence Community. Sequoia Combine is configured with similar restrictions and unique authetication specifications and operates with the sponsoring agency’s authorization.

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  • Validate against IC Baseline + CAP
  • Security & ICD 503 Accreditation
  • Remote Maintenance & Support
  • IC Bound Development & Deployment
  • Access to IC Cleared Support

AWS IC Marketplace Transition

Sequoia Combine enables ISVs a faster, better and safer transition to the AWS IC Marketplace. By emulating the unique constraints that exist in the secure regions and leverging Sequoia's best practices, the AWS Combine provides assurance that your project has been propertly vetted to avoid unnecessary delays.


Sequoia Combine enables the fast, agile development required to get your product to market without the need for cleared personnel or time consuming iterations on a cleared network.


Provides a standardized “FedRamp” approach for qualification tasks such as operational testing, security assessment and continuous support for IC bound cloud products.


Built and continuously updated by Sequoia IC cleared staff with on site / hands on C2S experience.

Sequoia Combine Demo

Interested in Combine? Click here for our online demo. If you'd like a live demo that is customized to your business, please let us know.

Sequoia Combine Security

Sequoia certified AWS experts have been engaged with C2S from its beginning and understand its unique configuration. Our AWS experts can assist with vulnerability scanning and provide risk assessment, mitigation techniques and design recommendations to meet specific security requirements. Combine provides a consistent assessment and authorization baseline for IC bound ISV products & solutions – ICD 503 accreditation

Sequoia Combine Tech Specs

  • Full Certificate Authority chain used to emulate IC customer's security environment.
  • Token based authentication through "TAP" (Temporary Access Protocol) server enables login access to certificate bearers and API access
  • Access Policy issued by TAP restricts users and systems to only those services that are available in the customer's environment
  • Base AMI built on a minimal CentOS install with customer specific security lock-downs
  • Best practices applied to networking design, resource tagging, and architecture

Sequoia Combine Enrollment

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